Application form - Defence India Startup Challenge (DISC 4)

Any Registered Company [Proprietorship, LLP or Pvt Ltd] with or without DIPP startup recognition can apply under the Startup category. Any Company recognised or certified as MSME basis the definition of MSME as laid out by the Dept. of MSME can apply under the MSME category. Any other Person/Entity not qualifying either under the Startup or MSME categories can apply under the Individual category.
The Founder/Promoter/Managing Director of Startup or MSME can apply as as the Primary Applicant. Under the Individual category the person applying or the one represented can be the Primary Applicant.
Don't include http:// or https://

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Describe the problem statement, in the context of specific military use-cases with details of the significance of the problem citing needs,gaps and requirements as per your understanding of the stated challenge. You may state the details from the study/research you have undertaken
Describe your proposed solution to address the challenge in the most cost effective and efficient manner, with the ability to emerge as a military-grade product ready for defence production and adoption by the defence forces. Highlight and elaborate the details of the features & functionality, innovativeness & uniqueness of the core technology you have developed or applied, the benefits offered etc.

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Milestone ID Milestone Name Target Completion (Calendar Months) Spark Grant Requested (₹) Matching Contribution (₹) Total (₹)
1 Milestone 1
2 Milestone 2
3 Milestone 3
4 Milestone 4
5 Milestone 5

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