Low Latency Multicast Data links for Accelerated File transfer and Video Streaming over existing SATCOM links and Remote Platforms/Sites


The Present Satcom Infrastructure is designed for TCP / IP traffic acceleration and does not specifically address the mail/ftp and video streaming. This result in congestion /  latencies in the network . Hence,it is proposed to develop a low latencey multicast data link with the following requirements:


  • low latency multicast accelerate mail/ftp and video streaming for the In satcom network.
  • Multicast over the DBVS/2 2x network ( for one to many transmission )
  • Trans of large files over FTP mail attachments.
  • for videos streaming it should be able to multicast HD over the network with gradual graceful degradation as per network bandwidth. 
  • enhance the performance of existing video calls.
  • based on server clint model.
  • operate in the dense EMI / EMC environment  of naval platforms and should comply with relevant standards.
  • stand tha marine environment.