Open Challenge

India is witnessing the rise of the next generation of Engineers, capable of developing technologies in autonomous systems, intelligent machines, advanced materials, predictive algorithms, or even rocket engines, for the most sophisticated applications in defence and aerospace domains. Through the iDEX Open Challenge, we are casting the net wider, creating opportunities for innovators to propose ways for harnessing their technology capabilities to strengthen our nation’s military superiority. If you think you have an idea, technology or a product that has use in defence and aerospace, then iDEX Open Challenge is the right opportunity for you to grab. Innovators, Startups and MSMEs can now engage directly with the military through the iDEX Open Challenge to showcase their technologies, facilitated by DIO and Partner Incubators. Selected applicants are offered a chance to pitch to the iDEX grand jury and qualify for grants and investments, organised periodically throughout the year.

To submit your application for iDEX Open Challenges, please FILL DETAILS IN ATTACHED FORM and along with the necessary attachments, send an email to with the subject as "Open challenge form submission_name of applying person/entity".
Application closes on 17 May 2020 23:59 IST. Quarterly assessment/Scrutiny of Open Challenge application will commence from 18 May 2020.