Company Brief

We are a growing A.I. Services company in Bangalore. Our vision is to bring the power of data and AI to every enterprise around the world. We are led by Dr Kalpit Desai, a renowned A.I. practitioner with 13+ years of experience post Ph.D. The team has collective 30+ years of diverse experience with AI across a variety of business contexts and domains. As of September 2019, we are 6 full-time + a few contract employees; poised to grow to double digits in a few months.


Our differentiation

1) As our track record of multi-domain deep-tech experience proves, we indeed walk the talk when it comes to delivering the promise of AI, machine learning and data science. This diverse experience provides us with the unique ability to leverage the cross-pollination of concepts from one vertical to another.

2) We are all-rounders when it comes to dealing with data. With our experience in handling almost all possible data modalities (image, video, audio, text, tabular, sensor waveforms, network graphs etc), we are quickly able to figure out which tool to apply to which kind of problem.

Founding Team

Dr Kalpit Desai, CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Payal Shah, CFO

Technology/Product Brief

Computer Vision: Hot-zone Breach Detection from CCTV Real-time Face Recognition and Search Suspicious Activity Detection from CCTV Manufacturing Defect Detection from video Object Detection and Tracking from video

Text Mining / NLP: Natural Language Query Interface to Large DB Text Classification Document Clustering Sentiment Mining

Sensors Intelligence: Insights from IoT sensors Machine Fault Prognostics Vibration Analytics Optimal Process Control

Statistics & Operations: Market Basket Analysis Market Segmentation Propensity Analysis Hypothesis Testing


  • DIPP Recognized Startup
  • Winner, Defense India Startup Challenge II (DISC-II), AI category, 2019
  • Awardee, "Promising Startup" in Strategic Electronics Summit (SES) 2019
  • Accepted in Nvidia Inception program as an innovative startup in AI
  • Accepted as Incubatee startup in Forge Accelerator, under SPARK grant