Big Bang Boom

Company Brief

Big Bang Boom Solutions from Chennai is one of the youngest startups in defense. A deep tech defense solutions integrator, Big Bang Boom has allied interests in manufacturing and development of indigenous technologies.
Our first successful development partnership in India is with the Accord Aerospace and Defense, a subsidiary of the $6 billion Accord Group. We are co-developing a Personal Safety Drone along with a Security On Demand logistics solutions for the Indian market. The Accord group also provides access to a large-scale manufacturing support system, significant lank banks and finance for suitable projects.
Further, we have in house capabilities to development critical solutions for the security and defense space and are currently working on a number of indigenous technologies such as –
• T-series Unmanned Tank Development – co-development along with AmPRO and T&T, USA.
• BN based Hybrid Armor for Personnel – in house development
• Drones for riot control “Flying Warden” – in house development in association with Thanos Tech.
• Anti drone defense system – iDex Challenge
• Armor with Printed Electronics
• 360 Advanced Battle Interface – 360 view for Armored Vehicles – iDex Challenge
• AI based Blockchain powered Logistics Management
• Carbon Fiber Development and Winding – in association with Nanotech Research Center – iDex Challenge.

"Dr. R. Shivaraman, PhD, Co-Founder and CTO, 9884809660 Praveen Dwarakanath, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO, 9573674668 Milan Rao, MS (Purdue), Co-Founder and COO, 9866900114"

Technology/Product Brief