HW Design Labs

Company Brief

Company Brief
Founded in 2015 & Recognized by DPIIT, HW Design Labs is ESDM Focused Start-up working in the field of Tracking & Navigation Systems including Real-time & Precise Radio Based Tracking, 3D Positioning & Ranging Systems. The core competencies of the team include RF/Wireless Hardware Systems Design & Development, Hi-Rel Electronics Fabrication, Embedded System Design, Application oriented R&D and Innovation in the allied areas.

Supported by Maker Village, Kochi (ESDM Incubator, An initiative of MeitY, Govt of India)

Technology / Product Brief
r-POS: Real-time Positioning System (r-POS) provides the 3D position data & inertial behaviour of the moving / flying machine where the stabilization mechanism needs finer levels of precision in tracking & in real-time in order to have the tight control, especially during extreme weather conditions.

GAJDevice: Satellite based navigation is inevitable during mission critical tasks where disruption / outage of the GNSS signals have severe impacts in the navigation performance. The GPS Anti-Jam Device helps in reducing the impact of GNSS signal jamming / disruption by means of a hybrid approach where in the impact of jamming / interference is mitigated in multiple levels.

Winner of iDEX, Defence India Start-up Challenge-II (2019)
IESA Makeathon Finalist (2018)

Real-time & Precise 3D Positioning Systems for Automated Landing, Docking & Collision Avoidance

"Jayakrishnan A L (Director) Edu: National Apprenticeship in Electronics & Mechanics Mob: +91-9183017168 / 8610238394 "

Technology/Product Brief