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Company Brief

Kinetix Engineering Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading Defense and Aerospace companies in India. Kinetix focuses primarily on Design and manufacture of niche-technology defense systems, including Launcher and GSE for ICBM and Hypersonic missile, Launch control systems (Electronics), Anti-Aircraft Air Defense systems digitization, High-Speed Aerial Targets, Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAVs, Full Mission Simulators and Flight Training Devices, 6-DOF Motion Simulators and Test Facilities etc. With core competence in Mechanical Structures, Hydraulics and Electronics Control Systems, Kinetix has also delivered several turnkey projects in simulators, UAV payloads integration and battle-tank subsystems.

Further Kinetix has developed several Test Facilities and Simulation Facilities such as 6-DOF Kinematic and Dynamic Test Facility, Hydrostatic Test Facility, Flight Training Devices for SARAS Aircraft, High Altitude Simulation Facilities, High Performance G Simulator and Hydrostatic Test Facilities for Defence and Space applications. Also Kinetix has been actively participating in the Hydraulic, Electric, Electronic and Structural Components of Strategic Systems including GSE for Road Mobile and Wagon based Launchers for AGNI series missiles.

Kinetix has been winner of iDEX challenge and working to develop “Active Protection System” for armed forces. This project is being developed in collaboration with Users from defence, Academic Institutes, Ordinance factories and international partners.

Kinetix has a mechanical fabrication and machining facility that caters to production lines, prototyping, limited scale production, R&D, testing, and scenario simulation on current and future niche-technology projects for International Aerospace Sector.

Following is a brief summary of the core competencies of Kinetix in the International Aerospace sector:

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (UAV/UAS)
• Missile Launchers & Ground Support Equipment
• Active Protection System
• Launch Control System Electronics
• Sub-Sonic and Supersonic Aerial Targets
• 6-DOF Simulators, Motion Platform and Test Facility
• High Altitude Chambers & Hydrostatic Depth Simulators

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