Logic Fruit

Company Brief

At Logic Fruit, we work with innovative R&D and PM's, who need a proven, flexible partner that can provide extensive FPGA programming expertise, prototyping capabilities, or other real-time embedded development services, delivering a high-quality embedded solution they can trust.
With specialized teams, we create solutions and proof-of-concept (PoC) designs that require precise, supported FPGA development and real-time data generation, acquisition, and analysis.
Our deep expertise in the telecom, semiconductor, security/surveillance, defense/aerospace, medical instrumentation, and industrial automation industries allows us to understand requirements and complete projects quickly. To each project, we bring experience in a variety of digital (and MIPI) protocols, communication busses, and tools, including M-Phy, C-Phy, CSI, DSI, 1G, 10G Ethernet, PCIe, DIGRF, USB3.0, STM, HDMI, and software-defined radio (SDR), as well as encryption, protocol compliance, signal generation, data analysis, IoT technology, and multiple image processing techniques. Our low latency (~real time) image processing solutions includes image stabilization, Panorama generation, Object detection and classification. Hardwares (upto 16 layers) designed are complex, compact, stable adhering all the safety and environmental guidelines (MIL/CSPR/EMI-EMC),

Sanjeev Kumar (CEO) , Anil Nikhra (MD)

Technology/Product Brief