About DIO

The modalities of implementation of DIF will be managed by a specialized team known as the Innovation for Defence Excellence (iDEX) within the DIO. DIO will provide high level policy guidance to iDEX. iDEX will have functional autonomy.

The CEO of iDEX will be selected and recruited by the DIO and will be a professional person of sound technical, scientific and engineering background with divergent knowledge and experience in innovation and research.CEO of iDEX would also be CEO of DIO thereby providing the linkage between the high level policy guidance given by DIO and its implementation in a professional manner through iDEX.

Operationalization plan for DIO & iDEX

To execute the above functions, the iDEX team will need to undertake the following activities:


Setting up and managing of the iDEX network in form of Independent Defence Innovation Hubs.


Communicate with innovators/startups through the Defence Innovation Hubs regarding defence and aerospace needs.


Organizing various challenges/hackathons to shortlist potential technologies for defence and aerospace use.


Facilitate scale-up, indigenization and integration in manufacturing facilities for successfully piloted technologies.


Evaluate technologies and products coming from innovators/startups in terms of their utility and impact on the Indian defence and aerospace setup


Interface with the military (Army/Navy/Airforce) top brass about key innovative technologies and encourage their adoption into the defence establishment with
suitable assistance (financial if required).