Secure, Space based Troop/Convoy management platform using SATCOM at dedicated Control Centres.


Asset and Convoy/troop movement is essential for both operational and logistics management. The Armed forces operate in a rugged and inhospitable terrain where in the tracking of deployed troops or assets becomes challenging due to the topological conditions. In view, a pervasive network footprint offered by SatCom could prove beneficial for such geo-tracking applications. Hence, it is proposed to develop a SatCom based tracking solution. The solution should have two elements namely, user element and logging element.

User element:

  • small form factor terminal that can be carried by mobile teams/ vehicles
  • able to transmit its positional information (like PNT) to a centralised server using the GEO SatCom link

Logging element:

  • Server along with requisite storage for archiving and displaying the positional information transmitted by various user terminals
  • host a display GUI which can plot the received PNT information on a digital map at a central location