GEO Satellite supported IoT platform for real-time monitoring of Remote Facilities/Assets from dedicated Control Centres.


Facility monitoring assumes critical importance in both civil and military parlance. Many installations store a variety of equipment/stores, each requiring specialised storage and environmental conditions. Any deviation of these environmental specifications could be detrimental /hazardous. This becomes challenging when the storage facilities are located at remote locations. Hence a remote monitoring and control solution, based on Internet of Things (IoT) would be ideally fulfilling the requirement.

            An IoT based Sensor-Control loop working on SatCom backhaul is proposed to be developed. The solution should be able to offer the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication with SatCom backhaul links working on GEO satellite. The solution should be able to relay the sensor data to a central location for archiving and analytics. The central solution should be able to achieve automatic control action without human intervention in a near real-time manner. The solution should be capable of accommodating a large number of sensors. The sampling data rate of sensors should be customisable by users.