Cryptocurrency Intelligence & Analysis Tool


  • Crypto currency like Tether, Bitcoin, Ether etc. is used to perform illegal activities over Dark Web.
  • There is no indigenous crypto analysis tool and auto-updating database of crypto addresses that are used for conducting illegal activities in dark web
  • A comprehensive tool is sought to effectively monitor the usage of cryptocurrencies on darknet websites. The tool should have the ability to crawl these websites on a regular basis and gather information about the public key addresses being used for payments. The collected information should then be organized into records that consist of the website name, date and time of the transaction, type of service offered on the darknet, type of cryptocurrency used as a mode of payment, and the public key address.
  • In addition, the tool should maintain a database of all known cryptocurrency exchanges globally, organized by continent. Tool should also have collection of email addresses of prominent exchange / wallets for sending legal notices. The database should also keep track of all known tainted coins to assist investigators in their work.
  • The Crypto tool should have facility to identity the blockchain / type of crypto currency or exchange using addresses provided.
  • The tool should also provide alerts for new transactions on various cryptocurrencies including, but not limited to, Ether, Tether, Monero, Dash, and Tron. This feature should be similar to the one offered by websites such as, which provides alerts for new transactions on the Bitcoin network.