Precision Guided Kit for 81 mm Mortar Ammunition


Infantry Battalions are authorized 81mm Mortar as Battalion support weapon to provide close fire support to assaulting Infantry once the artillery fire is lifted. With modernization of equipment profile the requirement to increase the accuracy of 81mm Mortar ammunition, various upgrades are being considered worldwide. Keeping in mind the dispersion in the fall of bomb of 81mm Mortar at the object/target end, there is requirement to develop capability to increase the accuracy of the 81mm Mortar ammunition by precision guidance for accurate engagement and reduced collateral damage. With the Precision Guided Kit the Circular Error Probability (CEP) of < 10 m can be achieved whereas the same for the unguided projectile is approx. 70m. Therefore, limited quantity of the overall authorization of 81mm Mortar ammunition upgraded with a Precision Guided Kit to engage high value targets in the area of influence of an Infantry Battalion.