Enhancing underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) by the use of Artificial Intelligence/machine Learning or other Novel Techniques


  1. Comprehensive Underwater Demain Awareness (UDA) requires fusing data from disparate sources.
  2. Voluminous data that may be obtained from disparate sensors such as sonars and sonobuoys (at the theatre level) needs to be fused for sense-making.
  3. Presence of background noise and non -submarine Contact (which may also be biological in origin) can complicate the detection problem.
  4. Use of suitable trained AI/ML models that can help in detection of submarines would greatly aid in enhancing UDA.
  5. The solution need not be limited to AL/ML alone and could also target other aspects that enhance UDA such as better signal processing and decision support if they improve the existing capability even where AL/ML techniques are not used.