Robotic Arm for inspection, cleaning and painting of tanks on ships to save on time, cost and avoid accidents


Ships use fuel, oils, sludge, sewage, water and other fluids, which are stored in tanks. When stored in tanks, these fluids tend to stick inside the tanks forming layers of semi-solid substance. Moreover, many impurities of these fluids settle down and stick to the surface of the tanks. It is therefore imperative that the tanks are cleaned on a regular basis on ships.

Generally, tanks cleaning on the ship is done during dry dock and whenever the inspection of the tanks is due. Cleaning is done for inspection or if there is any work to be done inside the tanks such as cracks, leaks, etc.

Tank cleaning inspection and repairs is a necessary procedure performed on board ships. This process, when carried out by humans, tends to be hazardous, sometimes leading to explosion and accidents. In spite of all the necessary safety precautions and enclosed space entry procedures, accidents still occur while inspecting, cleaning and repairing tanks on board ships.