Development of an AI enabled Robot to carry out Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection on curved/ straight ship Hull structure


The AI enabled Robot shall be able to:

  • Navigate on the curved/ straight hull surface without human intervention while following the weld seam/ butt. Also be able to navigate through cross weld joints (merging point of seams and butts) while carrying out UT.
  • Conduct phased array ultrasonic test on Seam and butt weld joints while traversing on the hull structure.
  • Verify the integrity of weld joint as per naval standards.

The thickness of plates on which AI enabled robotic UT is envisaged in the range of 3.15 mm to 25 mm primarily.

The result of UT shall be governed by the weld quality specified in naval standards. The AI should be able to generate inspection report specifying whether the quality of weld joint is accepted or not.