ADITI is an endeavour of iDEX DIO,DDP to support the development and acceleration of innovation in critical and strategic deep-tech technologies which are in the nascent stage of research & development in the country.

As India emerges a global power in Defence, there is a need to develop critical and futuristic deep tech technologies for the Indian Armed Forces. Moreover, due to the change in the dynamics of modern warfare, it is imperative to develop the technologies, which are advanced, critical, and strategic from the perspective of future warfare.

Highlights of ADITI Scheme


  • Quantum of Grant up to 50% of product development budget (PDB) with maximum limit of Rs. 25 Crore, leading to a PDB around Rs. 50 Crore or beyond.
  • Around 30 critical and advanced technologies which are critically required for national security and where the country does not have existing capabilities have been provisioned to be developed under ADITI. Such technologies shall have core Defence applications and may also have export potential.


Eligibility Criteria for ADITI

1. Startups, as defined and recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

 2. Any Indian company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956/2013, primarily a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) as defined in the MSME Act, 2006.

 3. Individual innovators are also encouraged to apply (research & academic institutions can use this category to apply). However, post-selection individual innovators need to register as Startup/MSME.


19th April, 2024 05:00 PM

Grants Upto

Up to Rs.25 Crores