Botlab Dynamics

Raksha Communications

AI Constellation

Saif Seas

Planys Technologies

Planys Technologies is an Indian deep technology startup providing underwater robotic inspection and survey solutions using indigenously manufactured remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)

Radome Technologies

Radome Tech was started by Aerospace and IT professionals with more than 30 years of experience together, whose vision is to be a market leader in solving problems as well as achieving the operational excellence in Aerospace and Defense domain using Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Analytics.

Ossus Biorenewables

Tatvabodh Technology

The Company specializes in research and development of Body Protection System and sensor & monitoring technologies. After selected through the iDEX challenge process for the “Individual Protection System” the Company was formed on 21 May 2019.


NoPo Nanotechnologies is a Bangalore-based start-up specialising in high purity Single-Walled carbon nanotubes for use in Aerospace, Electronics, Optics and Defence applications

Gyan Data Pvt Ltd

Towards a data-informed world Driven by first principles thinking and advanced data analytics capabilities Expert-grade analytics deployment in 45+ core process functions

Eyerov Technologies

EyeROV Technologies is a deep tech robotics company that envisions to disrupt advanced underwater robotics and to produce the best of innovation that is reliable and operational to the common men

DefTac Systems

Founded by students, alumni and faculty members of IIT Madras, DefTac specializes in the Design and Development of an Indigenous "Military Protection, Tracking and Monitoring System (MPTMS)".

DV2JS Innovations

3rd iTech was founded with the vision to design and develop niche optical solutions with proprietary ASIC's. Our primary focus lies in the customization of CMOS Chips - the heart of any camera.

Anvation Labs

Anvation Labs is a technology & innovation focused MSME that offers B2B platforms & products for the core sectors of Healthcare, Industrial, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Defense and other Indian PSUs

Big Cat Wireless


Chip Spirit


Centauri Composites

Dimension NXG

North Street Cooling Towers

Tonbo Imaging

Optimized Electrotech

Nyokas Technologies

Logic Fruit

Lekha Wireless

Big Bang Boom