Active Protection System (APS)


This project would involve development of quick acting sensors and actuators for the development of an Active Protection System for vehicles. It is to prevent line-of-sight guided anti-tank missiles/projectiles from acquiring and/or destroying the target and may have both i.e. soft kill (electronic countermeasures) and hard kill(counter attack) feature. The hard-kill measure will affect the incoming warhead/missile by means of either blast and/or fragment action by >> Disturbance of the stability of a kinetic energy penetrator which will decrease its penetration ability as the deflection angle increases. >> Premature initiation of a shaped charge (e.g., too great stand-off), but most likely improper initiation, thereby impeding optimum jet development of the metallic lining, usually copper, in the shaped charge. >> Destruction of the airframe of an inbound missile or shell.