Development of Advanced Technology Based Desalination System (Water Purification) and Bilge Oily Water Separation System


Presently reverse osmosis plants are fitted onboard IN platforms for production of fresh water from sea water. The plants operate on the process of Reverse Osmosis using DT modules. The performance of RO plants is affected by variance in sea water salinity and temperatures and thus affects operations especially in foreign waters. Similarly, the oily water in the bilges of the machinery spaces is separated through use of Gravity separation devices which are in general Coalescer based (OWS). The performance of Oily Water Separators onboard IN platforms is observed to sub-optimal and unreliable. Use of advanced desalination techniques like Carbon Nano tubes and Biometric filters needs to be studied in various operating conditions as viable replacements for RO plants. On similar lines, use of centrifugal type Oily Water separators capable of handling viscous/ particulate laden loading in order oil content in Ships discharge to 5 PPM needs to be studied.